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First club meeting synopsis 3-29-12

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First club meeting synopsis 3-29-12
CoolThanks to everybody who could make it out for our first meeting. We had 20 people attending and several more online applications from others who couldn't make the some PM apologies from a few who had last minute changes in plans. Hoping to see the club grow from here and to become an active and viable group.

Lee Rasmussen began the meeting by explaining how and why the club was formed. Lee is a member of the Utah Anglers Coalition as well as several other Utah fishing-oriented organizations. He was the one who approached me about forming the be affiliated with the other groups that are all part of the UAC. But he was specific in pointing out that our platform is to have fun fishing and not to become a political thing. However, it will help to be associated with other groups in order to keep aware of ongoing legislation that may affect our sport and to lend our voices if needed.

We then did a "first day of school" introduction session, with everybody taking turns. We each stood up and gave our name, where we live and a quick summary of details about our fishing preferences and what kind of tube or toon we used on the waters. Interesting to hear the wide variety of fishing interests and the range of experience.

It was generally agreed by those present that the last Thursday of each month would be a good time to have regular meetings. It is understood that not all members will be able to attend all meetings. It is virtually impossible to find any date or time that will be doable for everybody. But we will keep it open to ongoing discussion.

We are going to be looking for other places that will be suitable for future meetings. The Murray Library auditorium seems okay for our needs, and is probably as easily accessible as we could hope for. But, we cannot get a guarantee that our preferred date and time will always be open.

Next scheduled get-together will be at Willow Park Pond in Murray. It is one of the community fisheries waters and is in a nice park. There is a covered pavillion with tables and lots of grass upon which we can spread out our tubes for a show and tell session. But actually the tables might be better for displaying some aspects of our "pimping". I will make a formal announcement sometime after the first of April and will include a location map for folks who are not familiar with that park.

We discussed potential names for the club. Did not get a whole lot of suggestions. Have received a few by PM. I will be posting a separate thread with a list of possibles and open it to a vote...or other suggestions.

We ran out of stuff to discuss by 8 so we closed the meeting and everybody formed up into little chat groups. I'm sure our library hosts did not appreciate the noisy fishermen standing in front of the doors and keeping the automatic doors opening and closing.

One point I tried to get across at the meeting is that the club is for the members...not the guy standing at the front of the room. Future meetings will be designed around input from the members and will address specific topics requested for discussion. In addition to timely tips for seasonal fishing...or fishing specific waters...we can talk about anything from adding PVC to your craft to fly tying, lure making, rod building, fly fishing or whatever. And, while we will allot about 2 hours for each meeting we will not keep everybody there until the time is up. Once we have covered the topics alloted we will open the meeting to questions and discussions...or break up for individual interactions (BS sessions).

Thanks again to all who attended and contributed. Looking forward to more folks jumping in and getting involved.
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Re: [TubeDude] First club meeting synopsis 3-29-12 In reply to
Great meetingWink do we know if the name for the club will be T N T for sure yet?

If you aint catchin em'...
someone else is
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Re: [CatchinCompany] First club meeting synopsis 3-29-12 In reply to
CoolNot for sure yet, but seems to be popular. I will put up a separate vote post.

Good to see you guys at the meeting and look forward to hitting the water with ya this year.