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Member Intros
CoolOkay, we have had our first meeting. It was evident that there is a variety of fishing interests. For that reason we will not be restricting our fishing get-togethers to everybody-invited or everybody-on-one-water sessions. Instead, it is anticipated that there will be "sub-clubs" within our larger organization...composed of tubers and tooners who prefer certain waters or certain styles of fishing.

With that in mind, I am setting up this sticky thread for members to introduce themselves and to outline their personal preferences...just like we did at the first meeting. That will allow others to identify like-minded members and give them links for PM contacts to set up fishing trips on their own.

In posting your personal profiles, try to mention the area you live, your favorite fishing holes, the type of craft you use, your preferred style of fishing and your favorite species.

Right next to this post will be another sticky for the purpose of allowing members to post up planned trips or to seek fishing buddies. In this time of high gas prices...and everything is great when we can ride share and split costs. Plus, it is also more enjoyable to have someone else to fish times. Other times, not so much. But at least you will have the option of whether or not to post or reply.

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
I guess I will be first up...

Name: Craig Peacock
Location: Riverton UT
Best Days: Weekends or Weekday Evenings
Preferred Species: Trout
Willing to try: Catfish/Bass
Preferred Methods: Jig or Fly

I like to backpack in to more remote lakes with scenery, wildlife, and trout. I prefer Tiger and Brook trout but any trout is a good trout. I spend a lot of time in southern Utah at the Boulder Mountains. I fish out in the unita basin, and lately have been spending time on the manti.

I have 4 wheelers and 2 float tubes open to trade trips to learn different species. Shoot me a P.M. if you want to fish.
Eat it you dirty little fish!

Check out my blog:

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Brandon MacFarlane
Location:Provo, UT (Soon to be Saratoga Springs)
Best Days: Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays
Preferred Species: Trout or Bass
Willing to try: just about anything
Preferred Methods: Spin or bait casting but am very interested in Fly fishing

I usually like to stay withing an hour to an hour and a half of home but if we can plan it ahead of time I am up for almost anywhere. I love being up in the Unitas and would be interested in a weekend backpack trip to some of these high lakes for some nonstop fun during the summer. I love catching bass too. Trips to Southern Utah's Sand Hollow may be in the future for that. If you have some time shoot me a PM and lets get out and at least "fish" for something. The "catching" makes it all that much better!
Fishin' You'll have a hard time fishing without your line in the water! Fishin'

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Brian Haymore
Location: South Jordan UT
Best Days: Weekdays (with a day or two head notice) or Weekends
Craft: Freestyle H3 Tube
Preferred Species: Most anything really...
Preferred Methods: Spinning Jigs/Lures
Current Favorite Location: Starvation

I grew up here in Utah fishing the Uintah lakes near Washington or fishing on Strawberry. I got to do a little stream fishing mixed in there as well. This was mostly a mix of bait fishing, trolling, fly fishing (both bubble on spin rod and a fly rod) and some spin lures. About 7 or so years ago as my oldest son was getting big enough to do some fishing I started to get interested in trying to learn more about fishing for non-trout species. I was also introduced about 5 years ago to pontoon fishing from a friend that took me on the river below Flaming Gorge. Now I find myself fully addicted to float tube fishing and very much enjoying fishing for really any species of fish.

I also very much like the social aspects of fishing with others. Learning about new places, techniques and sharing anything I can offer back. I'm always open to the possibility of having others join me on a trip or the opportunity to join in other's plans. Sharing a ride saves $ and makes for some good conversation.

"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Joni "Fly Goddess"
Location:SLC, UT
Best Days: Any but after 11 on Mon, Tue, and Thurs
Preferred Species: "preferred" is Trout, but anything else to
Willing to try: new places and flies
Preferred Methods: Fly Fishing

Stillwater is my favorite, but I enjoy rivers every chance I get.
I grew up in Idaho with the Snake River in my back yard. Started fishing basically Tenkara style at 5.
Floated and fished the snake from a tire tube , but then I got my first donut float tube in 1982. WOW what a concept.
I then wanted power and bought a small tube designed to hold a battery and a motor. Worked great except you had to be in at least a foot of water and as owners of donuts know, no easy task with fins on to get in a tube in the water.
I have been through a fleet of tubes and toons since.

I have two X5's, a Renegade, an Assault XX and an Assault at this time so I can accommodate guests.


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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Brent Wilson.
Location: West Jordan
Best Day: Weekends right now
Preferrred Species: Walleye, Perch and Crappie but love trout and almost any other game fish in Utah.
Preferred Fishing: Spinning,

Love fishing jigs, crank baits. I work so weekends are my best bet for fishing. I can make arrangements on occasion for weekdays. I have a V boat style tube that I still need to add a few of TDs upgrades to. I usually fish within 2 hours of home
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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Bud Hobbs
Location: Draper
Prefered catch: catfish, bass, slimmers
Style: spinning and baitcast
Best time: weekends or late in the day during the week
I got my float tube last year and would love to go more places with it.
I grew up in lehi and love to fish UL and the jordan river. Starvy is becoming a new favorite to me within the last year. My home away from home is fish lake I would go deer hunting there with my family for as long as I can remember and love to fish it.

If you aint catchin em'...
someone else is

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Well here is mine:

Name: Kevin Anderson
Live at: North Salt Lake
Craft(s): I own two Leigh Pontoons, a caddis u-boat, and three caddis round boats. The wife uses an outcast FC4.
Like to fish pretty much any where but my favorite may be Starvation Reservoir.
Species: ANY

Been fishing since I was a kid and introduced to tubes in 1995. Since then I have really had fun. Pimped out my toons and got the family involved. Love to fish anywhere and after any species.

Fishing and trains...what else is there? BASEBALL.......

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
CoolGuess I better put myself on the board. Most of the regulars already know what I'm about but for the sake of newbies and posterity:

Name: Pat (as in down pat)
Residence: Taylorsville, UT

Retired but active. Tie flies, make lures, build rods, pimp tubes and toons and even go fishing sometimes. Prefer fishing weekdays but been knowed to fish less crowded spots on weekends.

All tackle and all species. Love 'em all. Been float tubing since of the early pioneers. Gone through a bunch of different makes and models over the years. Currently own Fat Cats and Super Fat Cats. Wife (TubeBabe) fishes with me a lot, whenever she is not traveling down to Arizona or over to see friends, kids and grandkids. I let her take care of that stuff while I go fishing more.

Sometimes prefer solitary fishing but also enjoy mini floatillas with small groups of fellow floataholics.

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Trevor Thomas
Location: American Fork
Favorite places: Utah lake, Jordan river, Deer creek, Starvation, Boulder Mt.
Favorite species: anything that'll bite!
Style: mostly jigs, but a little of everything. Never flyfished but have been dying to learn!
Craft: I have a. 9 ft. SOT kayak and an old caddis donut but am hoping to get a pontoon sometime this year when i get some money.
When: i work most nights but am available everyday until 4 ish with the occasional night off.
I grew up in utah mostly fishing streams but the last few years have got serious about fishing for all species and all waters. I would enjoy going on some floatillas and such with other members.

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Re: [Catcherman.] Member Intros In reply to
Catcherman, if we get one together I have a couple pontoons, maybe we can work this out...(I have a few fly rods tooLaugh)


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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Name: Marty
Live in Heber
Likes all kinds of fishing for all species. Still learning even though I have been fishing most of my life.

I fish from a SFC or and ODC 420. Recently purchased an XR1 that I will be setting up this weekend.

Make most of my own rods, all my own jigs (except what TD graciously throws my way) and I can't tie a fly worth a damn. But I have friends that can ;-}

Favorite waters: I guess it would be Jordanelle and Utah Lake. I'm not sure they are my favorites but I fish those 2 waters the most followed closely by Deer Creek.

Recently retired again (this time for good) I prefer to fish during the week. But do spend a lot of weekends with friends and family on the water.

Gone fishing ..... Will return at Dark:30

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Re: [TubeDude] Member Intros In reply to
Randy Kaufman
West Jordan, Ut
1980's Browning float tube

I am very interested in fishing for warm water species such as walleye, perch, crappie, bass, and bluegills. It is my goal to catch a walleye from the float tube at Utah Lake this year. Willing to share rides to the areas lakes.

I usually fish on the weekends as I am busy with kid activiities most nights. With proper planning anytime is possible. Need to find a good location for catching small fish so that my girls can have fun too. They have no patience.

I would alos like to learn the rules and regulations for using frozen live bait for these species as well.

I have a working interest in creating/improving fishing access at Utah Lake, Bear Lake, and the Jordan River. If you have any comments on this issue please let me know.

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Re: [RJK] Member Intros In reply to
CoolWelcome aboard Randy. It was good to see you at the first meeting. Loved the video of the giant weedeater. Any still pics or video files you could post?

Shoot me a PM and I will get you some info that might help on your piscatorial quests.