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Cambria County

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Cambria County
I hit up the delayed harvest artificial lures only section of chest creek in Cambria County and did rather well on Thursday. Aside from the rain/hail and wind I had a pretty good day. Ended up clearing up by afternoon. Sun came out and everything. Problem was, from the torrential downpours the water started turning to chocolate milk and that's all she wrote. However, I did catch a 15 in. holdover rainbow with a nice hooked jaw, and 2 12 in. rainbows. The 15 was on a black w/ yellow spots panther martin, one rainbow on a blue and silver phoebe minnow spoon. and the final came on a red trout magnet. Had a few others chasing lures, but missed in near shore, or I got a little too excited and tried to set the hook early and missed. All in all though, it was a great day to get out.