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G Loomis not what it was

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G Loomis not what it was
G Loomis is not like it was before the japs took it over.
Gary Loomis is no longer there and quality and warranty is no longer there.

I paid $350.00 for a CR723 GLX casting rod and it broke on hook set for no reason. I take very good care of my equipment and it was not abused, infact right before it broke I caught 10-12 bass up to 5lbs on a private lake.

They wanted $167.50 to replace it.

I mentioned that they claim a life time warranty and also claim " It has plenty of power to move fish away from heavy cover" and they came down to $100.00

That is all they would do ...... I put the $100.00 toward a new Dobyns and scraped the loomis sticker off my back window ..... NO MORE g loomis crap for me!