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hello im new to these forums i am going to be going to sacramento to visit my girlfriend and we are going to try to go fishing in the sacramento river a few times while im out there iam use to fishing for bass in small ponds and reservoirs in ohio so i dont really know what to fish for in the sacramento river im going to be there from may to august last time i was out there i tried fishing with just a rubber worm but the current was so strong i couldnt really fish i bought a nice fold up fishing pole to take with me but anyway i dont care what type of fish i fish for but can someone help me out on what to fish with and for what type of fish thanks

ps. im kinda looking for just a weight hook and bait to fish with but any ideas will help thanks again
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Re: [moobass] SACRAMENTO RIVER FISHING In reply to
Hi there moobass - even though I'm a fly fisherman, I find that the local fishing stores are more than willing to provide you with information as to what is biting, on what & where to fish. Hopefully in providing this free information they might make a sale. Good luck.Fishin'

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