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New fly rod

Allen Fly Fishing
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New fly rod
I recently purchased a Redington Crosswater rod and reel combo pack. I am wondering if i should keep the line that came with the combo or if it is a good idea to purchase new line? The fly line just seems thick and hard to work with. Also I have had some one tell me to have a back up reel with different kind of line. Is this true?
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Re: [ebacon] New fly rod In reply to
You answered yourself on the line. It is the most important thing. You can fish with a broomstick and the reel is a place to hold the line for the most part, but the line is what is going to get the fly/lure to the fish.
We have all struggled with line that just won't load. It is possible to use a line that you feel it pulling itself out. You might like a SA GPX which is a half size bigger and loads very well.
I agree also on an extra spool loaded with a sinking line of sorts. You can do a lot with floating line by adjusting the leader length, but somethimes, specially warmer months, you need to get down deeper.

Heads up on sinking lines. There are your sink tips, and heads. They are different length 5' to 30' sinking molded into floating. This are popular for big rivers as the floating portion allows for drift.
Cons, they have all the weight in the sink portion and it is very heavy and harder to cast.
A full sinking line will also work but more on a straight out, drift down and swing back. Just keep the line straight.

Sinking lines you have Density Compensated which sinks uniformly. It will not form a belly.
And Wet Cell, which does form a belly. The missle is heavier. Plus to Wet Cell is weedy bottoms.

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Re: [flygoddess] New fly rod In reply to
If you fish lakes, a sinking line is must.
Trolling, or kick trolling from a float/pontoon with a sinking line can be effective.

I purchased a redingtong crosswater to start fly fishing and still use it today. I have since upgraded to better fly line and reel.

I don't understand why you feel the line is heavy, it should have been matched with the appropriate size fly line. Example, if your rod says 5wt, the supplied fly line should be 5wt fly line.

if you oversize your line(meaning you add a 6 wt line to 5wt rod) you might get more then you bargained for as some lines are designed to be overlined such as the rio grande by rio fly line. the crosswater does not have enough back bone IMO to handle over lining unless you know the fly line is not already overlined for you.

stick with matching the fly line to fly rod wt and you should not go wrong. Rio makes great lines and I reccomend them.

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Re: [ebacon] New fly rod In reply to
A few years back while on vacation in TN with family my son in law decided he wanted to fly fish... we ended up getting a couple of reddington "kits" for a decent price... since then we have fished those rods all over the streams in their area and have beat them to hell and back .. and like a timex they take a lik'in and keep on tik'in.. Smile

MacFly Cool

...."May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it. ~Irish Blessing"
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Re: [ebacon] New fly rod In reply to
What exactly is "thick"?
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Re: [mojorizing] New fly rod In reply to
I think heavy and thick was not the best way to explain. Basically the line seems to hang up a lot and just doesn't seem as smooth as it should. I don't know if it's just cheap line or what.