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Fontenelle 4/14

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Fontenelle 4/14
I fished Fontenelle on Sat. on my buddys boat. Mine was not ready yet. We did well trolling stickbaits on the eastern shore line near the dam. We boated around17, mostly browns between 16 and 22 inches. The fish were caught on planer boards and downriggers, from 4 feet down to 18. Water temp was 40. The fish were mostly on the top layer of water, but we did try for Kokes later in the morning and had fish on at 35 feet down, but lost them both. Any lure with orange in it seemed to produce strikes. All in all a good start to the season.
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Re: [jacksonlaker] Fontenelle 4/14 In reply to
nice report, did you see many kokanee on your fish finder , when will that lake fill

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