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rsimms, Nickajack (Riverpark), Blue Cats, 4-14-2012, The German Engineers
Martin Draxlbauer is a German Engineer in the United States working at Wacker Chem in Cleveland. He's a hardcore fishermen... his friends Peter and Irvin, not so much. But they wanted to come along for the ride and just watch. Martin has fished a lot of places, but he had never pursued Tennessee River catfish. We fixed that in a hurry.<br /><br />The first fish of the day was a beast... the biggest of the day. The 33-pounder hooked up on a light action spinning rod gave Martin an incredible fight. The German engineer obviously had fought big before because he knew exactly when to let him go, and when to "put the heat on him!" Still, I'd say it took nearly 30 minutes before I got the grabbers on him. Needless to say, the folks from Germany were highly impressed with what the Tennessee River has to offer.<br /><br />Again, that was the biggest fish of the day... but Martin had the chance to go toe-to-toe with several other bragging-sized catfish. It was very unusual, and fun, having plain old "spectators" in the boat. They took home one big channel cat to have for dinner.<br /><br />It was great having the opportunity to host folks from around the world... and that means life is good and getting better everyday.<br />

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