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5 Times 5 on the Weber River 5-5-12

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5 Times 5 on the Weber River 5-5-12
Dropped TDT at East Canyon and knew better than to fish there again. Looked to hit the East Canyon River...but it was FULL of private property...what a shame...there were some nice streches of river in there. With no where else to go I hit the only thing I could.....the Lower Weber River. Started at about 5pm. 1st cast....1st fish. Threw the dink back and continued to keep casting. While "burning a run" I got a nice 16 inch brown trout. Moved up the river catching brown after brown. By 8pm I had caught 25 Brown Trout and lost probly half as many. Just about every cast had an eager brown trying to take a bite. Definately found my new favorite river! The best lure used today was a Countdown Rainbow Rapala in size CD 3. Other lures that worked today.....Silver Blue Fox in size 1, a black/grey body silver bladed Roostertail in size 1/8oz and a Countdown Brown Trout Rapala in size CD 3. There is only a limited amount of pictures today since the camera was claiming "dead batteries". By warming the battery up in my hands I was able to manage just a few pictures.

P.S. On the drive back to SLC I pulled a Bill Dance and broke TDT's brand new $50 fly rod in the car door. It did not help that he just bought that rod yesterday. OUCH!

The 16in Brown Trout

Another decent Brown Trout

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Re: [EvilTyeDyeTwin] 5 Times 5 on the Weber River 5-5-12 In reply to
nice report! i still wanna make it up to the weber and catch some of those slimers.

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