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New Reel Problems - Bail doesn't ...

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New Reel Problems - Bail doesn't "Click" over
I bought a new ultra light Pfleuger reel just about 2 months ago. I have only been fishing with it twice. When I open the bail and go to close it by reeling in, It doesn't click over. I either have to reel it really hard or reel it backwards then forwards, giving it some momentum.

My other reels (Shimano Spirex) doesn't have this problem.

Any ideas if its a defect or can I make an adjustment? I took the spool off, but I can't figure out the motion and what the problem is.


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Re: [Gvec] New Reel Problems - Bail doesn't "Click" over In reply to
I have had this same problem on other reels, with out having one in my hand I cant tell you what the problem is,

when you pull back the bail, look to see where the catch is that holds the bail back in place. there may be a burr somewhere along the machanical lever ither on the outside of the bail or inside.
I am asuming this is not the case because I beleive you tested the bail prior to perchase. "provided you did not on line perchase"

if when you got it, the reel did not behave in this mannor, more than likely you have gotten some debre in the reel. this is easy to do. the answer would to take it apart and clean it, taking out all the old lubricants and putting in new. also it could be a peice of dislodged slag metal that was not taken off of a part. either way cleaning it is the solution.

if when you do get the bail to release and it dose not close all the way, it may have picken up sand or the coil spring that is mounted under the screw that holds the bail in place may have come unattached, "dropping it can cause it among other things.

let me know if any of this helps, if not take a photo of the working parts and post it here, I will see if I can diagnost it from here.

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [Gvec] New Reel Problems - Bail doesn't "Click" over In reply to
Hey Gvec,

I had the same problem with one of the reels I had and went back to Sportman's to see what was wrong with it. The fellow in the fishing department told me it was not suppose to flip closed by reeling, but it was to close with the hand. He said I should be flipping the bail closed with my hand on all my reels as it is hard on them to flip closed be reeling. I have been flipping by reeling since I can remember and had never been told that before. Had a fishing friend at work tell me that he always flips his bail with his hand, so I gave him the reel and I continue to reel mine closed. Old tricks - not!

One fish at a time...
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Re: [lskiles] New Reel Problems - Bail doesn't "Click" over In reply to
I always real mine closed. when it gets to the point where the bail wont close by reeling, I dismantel it clean it check for broken parts put it back together and if it still wont work "I replace it"

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.