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Any Quail Action?

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Any Quail Action?
Headed down to Zion this weekend and hoping to make a trip up to Quail in my tube. Haven't been there in about three years and hoping someone might have some information as to how it is fishing right now. In the past, I put my tube in the North end but not sure if there is a better spot. Would love to catch some bass, bluegill, and especially crappie if they are biting. Apapreciate the information.
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Re: [bmitchell] Any Quail Action? In reply to
I'll be there tomorrow fishing the shore. I expect the bass to be shallow and hungry. I hit it this time of year a couple of years back and did really well. Good luck.
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Re: [scartinez] Any Quail Action? In reply to
well quail has been up and down for fishing bass fishing has been hit and miss and it is going to be windy tonmrow and the water temp dorp

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