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Lost Creek, Morgan, UT

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Lost Creek, Morgan, UT
My first fishing of the year with my pontoon. Been awhile due to some surgical issues that have resolved enough to allow a 2 hour turn on the south arm. A few rising fish from time to time. I wasn't sure if others fishing were doing good, great or nothing. I started to pick up some rainbows on a black and tan woolley bugger. Catch and release day for me and nothing special to take a picture about either.

The water level is full bringing water up to and over some of the beach-side trees and bushes. That is where I concentrated my few minutes and did rather well. I didn't talk to others and gauge their success, so that would be interesting to know.

Lost Creek may become by home away from home this year. Crayfish, rainbows, cutthroats, planted Tiger trout and the over abundant, cutthroat forage chubs can make it a fun outing. Now eat some chubs and crayfish and grow, grow, grow into true trophy sized fish. I also hope the fishers will consider catch and release for all the fish for some time until there is an overabundance of 22 inch cutthroats instead of Utah Chubs. Please stay with in the regulations