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Howdy from WNC!

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Howdy from WNC!
Hello Everyone,
My name is Josh, and I live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. If you've never been here you should know that you can't spit or walk 20 feet in any direction here without hitting a trout stream. We have lots of stocked and wild trout, as well as smallmouth bass, bluegills, catfish, and lots of other good eatin' fish! By the way, my primary interest in fishing is in eating them, although I love the challenge and experience of fishing as well. There's just nothing so tasty as a fresh caught trout fried up on the camp stove or baked in the oven at home! I am just starting back into fishing after having been away from it for over 10 years. Right now I am using a very inexpensive Shakespeare Mantis spinning combo with a couple of basic inline spinners and rubber worms/minnows. I don't much care for bobber fishing but maybe that's because I've never had much luck with it. I prefer bank fishing a river or stream and trying to get a good drift into those juicy spots that always seem to be on the opposite side of the river! I have lots to learn and I'm glad I found a place where folks don't mind basic questions.

As for my other hobbies, I am an Extra Class licensed amateur radio operator, and I also enjoy cooking, camping, and hiking. I may eventually get into hunting as well, as I'm keen on acquiring the skills to put my own meat on the table rather than buy it from the supermarket.
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Re: [radioguy] Howdy from WNC! In reply to
Welcome to BFT. My daughter has moved to your great state in the eastern corner. I didn't get a chance to try the fishing when I visited, but hope to next year. Bass fishing should be wild down there.

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