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Fishing in Northeast Manitoulin

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Fishing in Northeast Manitoulin

My family has a place just off of the Northeast Tip of Manitoulin Island (in Ontario). We mainly fish for Smallmouth Bass and Esox class fish (N.Pike and Muskies). Me and my family will be up there from June 22nd to July 7th. I have been up to our place every year since birth, but I was wondering if any of you fellows might have a few tips for me. I was wondering, what depth/cover will Muskies or Pike be during this time of year? Also, are there any tips you might have for catching Esox-type fish? I'd love to hear any other tips/info about anything that you think would be helpful to me. Also, what lures/bait should Esox class fish and Bass be hitting on? Any new hot baits?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: [Ferdaayz] Fishing in Northeast Manitoulin In reply to
Not sure how new of baits for smallies your talking. Have you tried beavers on rocky areas? Senco like stickbait weightless or wacky rigged? Maybe the guys on the Pike board have some new tips for those toothy fish.

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