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New Fella in Central Oregon

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New Fella in Central Oregon
A fishin fool here who lives in the desert. Thank the Lord for putting several rivers and streams here and some high lakes full of snow melt off. Trout and Steelhead reign supreme here with only a few scattered spots for less predominant bass and very limited crappie. Been getting back into float tubeing lately and is a total hoot. Have done alot of big river fishing in my day and a fair amount of saltwater fishing. When asked " what kind of fishin do you do" I respond with "what have ya got" ? Never met a fish I didnt like catchin, some you threw back or stuck em under the wifes rose bushes but all were fun. I will bobber fish with the kids or strap on something that looks like a string of x-mas ornaments and go deep sea fishing. Cant say as I love one more than the other. Look forward to chatting it up with you folks and may there be a trophy fish in your near future.

Til later,
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Re: [TOJIACKFLOATMAN] New Fella in Central Oregon In reply to
Welcome to the site Dave, in case you have not found our Float tubing boards yet, here is a link to those boards:

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