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New Member: Hello, my name is...

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New Member: Hello, my name is...
Hi, my name is Jerry... and I'm addicted to crankbaits! If I see a crankbait I like... and I can't buy it... I go into seizures!

I'm currently living in central Illinois...but my family (mom's side) is from the eastern hills of Kentucky... I'm a farmboy and I guess you might say an educated redneck... I can't stand big cities and if I am not trapping, bass fishing, or hunting... then I am thinking & wishing I was bass fishing, trapping, or hunting...

I like to tournement fish.... my best 5 bass stringer is 32 lbs 2 oz... I remember thinking that day coming into the scales there is no way anyone is going to beat me today... my heart was beating a hundred miles an hour... the closest guy to me had 19 lbs and change... just one more guy to go... he steps up and starts out by bringing out a pair of 7 pounders... I think okay, that is only a pair... but the next two look pretty big to... and the last one... my heart skips a beat... the judge announces 32 lbs... my heart stops... and 4 oz's... my heart jumps... and then plumments out my... well I can't say where... but... &*%$*&... I can't believe it... beat by 2 oz's on my best day... it's been a few years since that day... but I can still remember both the joy and pain of that day like it was yesterday... you gotta love it!

Did I mention I love crankbaits! If you are or you know someone who is a great custom crankbait maker or custom painter... please let me know... I'm always looking for new guys!

And, please don't forget to take the time and introduce the young ones to this great sport we love so much... it is the best way to keep this sport alive!

Good Luck & tight lines!

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Re: [stalkingcoyote] New Member: Hello, my name is... In reply to
Welcome to the site Jerry, here is a link to our Freshwater fishing boards:

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