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Thwarted By Thunder

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Thwarted By Thunder
Decided at 4pm (after hanging at Fish Tech for over an hour) to head up Big Cottonwood Canyon to fish Lake Catherine with TDT. When leaving the house we noticed the sky was showing the signs that she was ramping up some nastyness for us.....just in time

Call it denial or ambition, but we were going for it! We drove up the canyon into the darker and darker clouds. Mile 9-14 was under construction so it took longer than usual to get up there. At the parking lot we noticed that clouds looked like they were ready to put on natures light show. Dedicated to our goal we started about the 3rd footstep past the trailhead we heard the loud BOOM of thunder....well so much for that plan!

Back in the car we stopped by Fish Tech again and picked up some worms.....that's right...we were not just about to go home! We agreed on "Mini Mantua".....a little place that someone was kind enough to let me in on. The pelicans seemed to know the way too! We must have seen over 100 of them flying in a straight was a true pelican parade.

In this pic there are 46 counted pelicans Wink

After hiking in we found the place nice and quiet.....just what we needed and just the way I would like to see that place. The skys were blue and the fish were hungery! TDT tried a popper and I tried a large spinner bait....both of which got no love. Not to be skunked I just had to show TDT that this pond could produce. As a fly fisherman I am ashamed to admit this....but I busted out the nightcrawlers and some TubeDude "Mantua Medicine" and chucked it out there...Sure enough I got a nice Bluegill to shore as soon as it hit the water. Guess those fish have yet to see TubeDude gear.

TDT switched to the fly rod with the trusty tried and true Psychodellic Prince Nymph.....and sure enough....started to get into the nice Bluegills too!

After fishing together for awhile I moved on to greener pastures looking for some Bluegills of a yellowish tint AKA Yellow Perch. A little bushwacking was had and I found myself at the correct location. Needing some other species....I got what I wanted.... a couple 12 inch Jumbo Perch.....and some 12 inch dinky Largemouth Bass.

Of course the Bluegill invaded the perch hole...but they were of good size so no complaints here.

The fishing was after getting fish number 30 I switched to the fly rod to test out some new flies I got today. Thankfully the new "Blue Halo Prince Nymph" got the job done and I got another 9 before the sun went down.

Overall TDT got 9 fish and I got 39.....50 fish in a couple short hours....guess I don't have to drive all the way up to Mantua next week to get my tug fix. However I may just have to since TDT and I released ALL fish today and plan on doing so each time we visit this special little pond.

Speakin of eating fish....the Bluegills from Mantua + loaded mashpotatos tasted great when we got home! Hummmm good!!!!!!

"Think like a matter how crazy it gets!"
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Re: [EvilTyeDyeTwin] Thwarted By Thunder In reply to
looks like a familar spot,Wink nice perch and it looks like the gills gave you some love, no love for me the last time on the gills but the lmb are still fun on topwater frogs there. we will find those crappie in there one day. did you snap a pic of the cat?


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Re: [EvilTyeDyeTwin] Thwarted By Thunder In reply to
man i would love to catch some bass and gills, since i moved here ive only gotten gills at some of the so called community ponds. looks pretty fun
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Re: [EvilTyeDyeTwin] Thwarted By Thunder In reply to
I know some folks have their hair stand on end when they get in a lightning storm, but for you - what - makes your hair lay down? teeheee Tongue

Good call avoiding the lightning rod blue-blaze! Don't know if you caught the St Elmo's Fire post on Willard. Shocking - you might say!
Some experiences are best avoided!

That bird train is freaky. I guess they don't do it like the ducks-n-geese. Always figured they fly in formation to avoid slapping wings as they go. I'm gonna include my signt line in honor of that shot. I'll be they know where the fish are!

So what's makes your mashies loaded? Would I be anywhere close if I guessed cheese in the mash and bacon on top? Hmmmm baaaacooooonnn (Homer drool!)
Good thing I'd already had lunch when I first caught this post bud! Here's a little poetry for ya, well - sort of. . .

Remember: if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes!
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Thwarted By Thunder In reply to
Jeeze I went back there Sunday and wow there was quite the lightning show above my head!Shocked

Anyway to answer your question loaded mashed potatos are betty crocker instant garlic and chedder. I add sour cream, mozzerella cheese, bacon bits, and more butter. Fried bluegill makes it way better!

BFT Moderator -TDT (AKA Spike's Pike)

"Like you were gonna marry a carp and put in a tank or something, let it wear a pink dress, and have coffee and conversations with it." - harlin
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Re: [EvilTyeDyeTwin] Thwarted By Thunder In reply to
love your posts they are awesome thanks so much!
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Re: [EvilTyeDyeTwin] Thwarted By Thunder In reply to
those are some great pics of fishFishin' i am talking about the ones ready to eat !!!