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2012 Catfishing Challenge Entrants,...

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2012 Catfishing Challenge Entrants, Standings
Utah Catfish Challenge Entries
Once your name goes GREEN,
means your entry has been received
Please be sure to include your BFT handle with your entry so I can be sure to match 'em all up right. Thnx

Entries are still open and welcome.

I'll look for posts, or shoot me a PM, and I'll send you entry details.

NOTE: Entry period extended to the end of June, so by June 30th payment is due. Tell a friend. 26 entries so far.

Name team

Catching Company South
Boatloadakids South 82 points (28, 28, 26)
FattyGreens South
a_bow_nut South 67 points (23, 22, 22)
boss_hawg_89 South 82 points (30,27,25)
motoangler South
Kelly_Sue South
danielc 84 points (28, 28, 28)
TroutBumDave South 65 points (27, 19, 19)
Jazzperch1 South

Catmaster23 North
CoyoteSpinner North
71 points (27, 25, 19)
Bama Boy North 49 points (24, 25)
SkunkedAgain North 53 points (18,17.5,17.5)
Andiibart North 22 points (22)
UTCatman North 91.5 points (31,30,30.5)
Mrs UTCatman North 85 points (27,28,30)
Wildcat94 North
FISHINMA North 74.5 points (25.5,25,24)
CBW North 79 points (27, 26, 26)
setthehook North 81.5 points (29, 26, 26.5)
bearnk82 North 84 points (31, 27, 26)
wormsinker North 85.5 points (31,27.5,27)
L_D_R North

Independent or TBD
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] 2012 Catfishing Challenge Entrants, Standings In reply to
Mark it. End of the first "month" of the Catfish Challenge

Here's the standings:

North 266
South 255

fish1, fish2, fish 3, total
danielc South 28 28 28 84
setthehook North 29 26 22.5 77.5
Boatloadakids South 28 23 23 74
CoyoteSpinner North 27 25 19 71
a_bow_nut South 23 22 22 67
Bama Boy North 24 25 49
boss_hawg_89 South 30 30
bearnk82 North 27 27
Andiibart North 22 22
FISHINMA North 19.5 19.5

ain't heard no fat lady sing, so bring it on boyz and girlz!!!

Congrats to Danielc for the highest Cat-Total for the first round. Prize to be awarded.

Remember: if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes!
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] 2012 Catfishing Challenge Entrants, Standings In reply to
So July has come and gone, and it's been a busy month for some of you Catfish Hunters! There's been some real quality fish being shown, the 30 inch mark has been broken more than once.

With a couple nice last minute entries, please congratulate Wormsinker for taking the lead in the standings at this point in the game.

Team Totals are:
North 604.5 South 377.0
I haven't tallied the top 5 per team yet. Suspense!
So one month to go. I know some of us need to get our Cat Hat on, and get our bait out!

Appreciate the support and kind words. It's fun stuff!
Just to put it out there, if any of my "calls" are questioned - you are welcome to request a second opinion. The other mods are willing to help out. Just want everyone to feel they got a fair shake.

Standings at the end of July. Top 3 count towards total.

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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] 2012 Catfishing Challenge Entrants, Standings In reply to
Here we have it you Mad-Catters. Final results are in for the first (annual?) Utah Catfishing Challenge.
First let me thank each and every one of you - those that showed interest, entered the contest, made entries - and to those that have enjoyed your cattin- independent of the contest.

I've had a great time watching and tracking the entries coming in. Ya'll inspire! Some fine whiskers have shown their faces round these parts, and I'm proud of each of you.
Had a chance to get a young angler onto his first channel cat yesterday, and to see that smile, and the holler to dad "look I got one" - I think the boy's hooked, and will warn you to watch out for him next year!

Not to rub salt in your fillets, but looks like the North ran away with it. Both total entries, and by the contest rules - the top 5 is in. Further congrats to each of the monthly winners, and everyone that landed a cat over 30"s. Nicely done - gotta have good drag control, eh?! (and a big net!)

Here's the Excel Table of the results, and a couple charts with your grand totals. Again - thanks to everyone who participated, and a special shout out to those new BFT members that joined because of the contest. That's a win right there!

Hearty congrats to
Danielc for the first month's top award, and
Wormsinker for the second month's top award,
and an extra large gold clap for
UTCatman for the final grand prize winning entries.

I welcome input on the contest, results, timeframe - and suggestions for next year, assuming we go for it again.

If anyone sees any miscalculations, errors in entries, or challenges - shoot me a PM and I'll address it ASAP.

Prize awards to be announced shortly.