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Fishing pals say West Haven beach...

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Fishing pals say West Haven beach curfew is unreasonable
WEST HAVEN — They’ve reeled in sand sharks, bluefish and stripers off the Savin Rock boardwalk pier for years. But the most coveted catch right now for this group of older guys? City permission to fish throughout the night.

About 10 to 12 senior citizens who live near the shore want officials to let them stay on the pier past the beach’s 10:30 p.m. closing, which has been heavily enforced since last summer and especially over the past few months.

These night owls say their hobby is best practiced late in the evening because they’re more likely to get a bite. Plus, the pier, rather than a beach or rock jetty, is easy to navigate for those with disabilities, they say.

“I have to pay for a fishing license, I should be able to fish where and when I want. Their answer is, ‘We have problems at the beach. Shut it down,’” resident Joe Capecea said as he stood with a group of the fishing friends on the observation deck of the boardwalk recently.


my biggest worry is that my wife(when i die)will sell my fishing gear for what i said i paid for it
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Re: [tomc] Fishing pals say West Haven beach curfew is unreasonable In reply to
Not surprised. Another reason I love living down here. The old boys are breaking the old man rules by being up past 8pm.Wink They should know better.

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