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Anyone Surf fish Rockaway Beach Oregon ...

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Anyone Surf fish Rockaway Beach Oregon ?
Heading to Rockaway Beach for 3 days the end of this month and would like to try surf fishing there or close by while I am there. I have been told where the local Jettys are to fish but would appreciate a point in the right direction for some beach fun. Any guideance would be appreciated such as parking close to beach that is open to fishing or whatever you might share. Havent fished salt in nearly 20 years. Still have the tackle and the desire to see if I can still get it done. I will post results from this venture upon my return.

Thanks for looking.

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Re: [TOJIACKFLOATMAN] Anyone Surf fish Rockaway Beach Oregon ? In reply to
The miami river is a load of fun if you hit it right. Small water with good fishing for trout salmon and steelhead. The access on the miami is limited though. If you are interested in going out on a charter boat I have had loads of fun on the Carylynn Sp? A charter boat out of Garibaldi just ten minutes south. The nehalem river jetty fifteen or so minutes north is a good spot to fish some brackish water for god knows what might bite. "the tidepool" just south of bayview in the jetti of Geribaldi is a spot where many locals fish the salt for bottom fish. You can get out on the rocks and access the main channel at a reasonable casting distance from there. Be sure and check the tide table
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Re: [TOJIACKFLOATMAN] Anyone Surf fish Rockaway Beach Oregon ? In reply to
I hope you have some luck. I love to surf fish but I always liked fishing the surf further south around Lincoln city. The beaches are much steeper there so it's easier to get out to the fish. Also the better surf fishing is May or June. That's when the bigger redtails are chasing shrimp in the surf but there are always some smaller ones if you can find them.

Since you're near Rockaway I'd go the suggestion to fish the jetty there at Garibaldi. Some actually catch salmon from the north jetty but you're more like to catch some bottom fish. Best bet is to use sand shrimp because everything bites on it. Be sure to take lots of lead. you tend to loose a lot in the rocks off the jetty.
Good luck

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