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Hey guys new to AZ, just moved to Goodyear wife wants to fish for some Talipia. Any good gouge on where we can get on some?
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Re: [Catdaddy] Talipia In reply to
I used to live down in Tempe, and I caught a ton of Tilapia, Bass, and Catfish in the Salt river. My best spots, were right where the river ended into Tempe town lakes. I would park on the North East side of McClintock/Hayden Blvd and walk down to the river/Slough from there. Its a bit of walk (3/4 mile) but if you make down to where the river has more current and flows through the cat tails, that is where I had non-stop action for the above species. The Tilapia i caught were all over a pound, fat and healthy. Also, most of the canals out there have them in there as well, but I never fished those. Good luck!
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Re: [UTExplorer] Talipia In reply to
Thanks for the info will try out the spot and post some results.

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