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Augers Electric vs. manual

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Augers Electric vs. manual
Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if you can provide any advice on what type of auger would be best manual vs. gas?

Any suggestions on brand?

Appreciate your feedback.
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Re: [Jess_718] Augers Electric vs. manual In reply to
I cant say about gas as ive never had or ran one. Been cutting by hand for many moons now. And ill tell ya there ok if you only plan on drilling a few holes. And if the ice isnt any thicker then 10 inches. After the 10 inch mark it really starts to.wear on you. If your in good shape then a hand ruger is good for the price. But im going to get a gas now because im wore out on the hand auger 14 inches or more by hand is a real chore after about 5 holes.. 20 inches of ice is just no fun even after one hole. Gas augers need more service to keep running properly as ive read and cost more but I think if you really enjoy ice fishing the its worth the investment. Saves time and energy setting up for the day.
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