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LHFC Membership push to help fund the...

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LHFC Membership push to help fund the Hatcheries
This has been borrowed from another Forum for those of you that hit the Saugeen up & are enjoying the fantastic Rainbow fishing.
During the course of a conversation I mentioned that many of the LHFC and OS members are "support only" members - meaning that due to work and family committments, and/or their geographical location, they simply send in $35 bucks a year to the Club to help support our cause.
I was surprised when he told me that many people thought you had to be very active in the Club to be a member - this is not at all the case.
I personally did nothing at all for the LHFC for 20+ years while I enjoyed catching a ton of the fish they raised. It has only been the last 2 years that I have been able to help out as much as I can.
So long story short, get onto - A few clicks on PayPal and presto, you just helped out the Club with a cash injection by becoming a New Member. If you give us your email address we will send you a monthly newsletter as well. The OS site has a PDF to print for a membership too. Help the Clubs out guys Please and Thank you - It costs over $60,000 a year to keep the hatcheries open, and it is 100% funded by anglers, for anglers.
Hopefully we get a couple hundred new members today from some of the Saugeen Regulars.
I changed a few things to leave out the other Forum. I'm hoping to expand the School Salmon Hatchery Program also & that takes about $1,000.00 a School. We now have 10.
Tight Lines SBKCool