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Lake Mead 12/30/2012

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Lake Mead 12/30/2012
Mid day launch out of Boulder Harbor and over to the Pig Pen. Wind came up and I am on a windward shore not as boat prepared as I should have been given it is

Note to myself: re-line some of the casting rods and clean up the Skeeter. Wasted too much time from when I shut down the Yamaha to when I got on the Trolling motor. Once I wrapped some fluorocarbon around the big prop, I figured I was time limited.

After an hour I gave up that spot and went across in about 2 ft swells to the end of Saddle Island. Nothing there and nothing at Pig Pen but I was managing the boat so poorly on the trolling motor I could have gotten bit and never known it.

Met one fisherman at the docks who claimed the bass were biting well and saw 3 guide boats coming in. Must be some kind of bite down around Vegas Wash way. Water surface temp 58.6 which surprised me it was that warm. Sure I saw snow showers over by Callville this afternoon.

At the ramp, took the prop off and cleaned out the line wrapped around the thrust bearing.

I'm going back next week.

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