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SpurHunter, Chic, Striper hunt 2, 12...

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SpurHunter, Chic, Striper hunt 2, 12-25-12, The family
<br /> The girls had such a good time chasing those stupid birds/fish the other day they asked to go again today. <br /> We did the Xmas stuff then got out on the lake about 3, only after getting stopped on top of White Oak MT and having to turn around due to something blocking the road. NOT the easiest thing with the barge in tow on a narrow road. Only an extra 20 minutes or so but aggravating. <br /> Lots of birds activity but no huge swirls under it. We stayed and chased her and yonder for about 2 hours and called it quits with two big white bass to show for it. <br /> I cant complain though, I fished on Christmas, yup my wife is better than yours LOLemoPoke emoPoke

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