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Cabo Bite Report

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Cabo Bite Report
Captain George Landrum[/#000000]
Cabo Fish Report
Dec 24 - 30, 2012

WEATHER: Ithas been an overcast week here in Cabo, and while it did not get coldenough to snow, a lot of us who live here full time are wearing longsleeved shirts and long pants to keep nice and warm. I know it's abit laughable, but when it gets into the low 60's in the evenings wefeel cold. With the overcast came a bit of wind on Thursday eveningand Friday morning but then it calmed right down. Of course it hasbeen cloudy all week, but a front moving down toward us fromCalifornia may just end up pushing all this cloud cover away in a fewdays. And, well, there may be a bit of rain later today or tomorrow,at least the forecasters are saying it may happen. The clouds andweather are coming in from the southwest, just as they were doinglast week and we can see a few areas of heavy precipitationapproaching, it depends on how strong the front moving toward us isand how quickly it moves. Our daytime highs have been in the low80's.
WATER: Thewater temperatures were pretty steady this week as from the shorelineout to 12 miles from inside the Golden Gate to Punta Gorda the waterwas a consistent 77 degrees. North of Punta Gordo the water cooledto 75 degrees and north of Golden Gate Banks it cooled to 76 degrees. Out past the 12 mile line from the San Jaime Banks and to thesoutheast the water warmed to 79 degrees. The water was fairly blueeverywhere with the exception of past Punta Gordo, once you got intothe 75 degree water the color turned a very dirty green. Surfaceconditions were good everywhere with the exception on Thursdayafternoon on the Pacific side when it became very choppy due to wind. Swells were fairly small at 2-4 feet on the Pacific side most of theweek with a pick-up to 4-6 feet Thursday morning and on the Cortezside they remained at 1-3 feet until you got past Punta Gorda, thenthey picked up to 2-5 feet as wind kicked them up on the East Cape.
BAIT: No change in the bait availability this week from last week. Therewas plenty of Caballito, a few Mackerel and a very limited supply ofSardina. The bigger baits were the usual $3 each while the Sardinas,if you could find a boat with some to sell, were going for $25 ascoop.
BILLFISH:I have no confirmation of this from any f captains yet, but accordingto someone who was watching, and knows what a Striped Marlin and aBlack Marlin looks like, there was a bite on Black Marlin of 200pounds off of the marina in San Jose on Friday. He says he sawseveral Striped Marlin brought in but that there were at least five,maybe six, Black Marlin brought in as well, they were all in the 200pound range and they were reported to have been caught pretty closeto shore. I would not be surprised too much, but it seems the wateris too cold for there to be many of them around. I will do a bitmore checking this week, but he swears they were not Striped Marlinand that the anglers were talking about the “white meat” of thefish. Elsewhere the Striped Marlin fishery has been steady, if justa bit slow. Many boats are coming in flying release flags, but thereare also a lot of fish being boated as tends to happen during theholidays, the crews want the fish for parties and guilt the anglersinto keeping them. Hey guys, it's your trip and you are paying, sojust say “release”! Anyway, many of the fish have been foundclose to the beach, within several miles in most cases as theyconcentrate on the schools of bait along the shoreline. There hasbeen no big concentration on them for most of the week, but for thefirst two days of the week the area off of Palmilla was reported tobe holding large numbers of tailing fish that were willing to bite. A few boats came back from that area flying four flags!
YELLOWFIN TUNA: We have finally had some Tuna show up! Not largenumbers, or really big fish, but the kind of fish that keep anglerscoming back for more. These are fish in the 15 to 35 pound class,large enough to put up a good fight on the right gear and enough ofthem to be able to take some fillets back home. I don't think I haveseen a catch yet, at least on a regular basis that would allow you tofill a cooler (yes, I know a few boats have done it, but not many),but combine the Tuna with the Dorado and it is possible to get a fullcooler of fillets. Of course Lady Luck has to pay a visit, butthat's all part of fishing anyway! The fish have been found mixed inwith the Porpoise and most of them have been along that 12 mile linefrom the San Jaime Banks and to the southeast of there. Cedar plugs,rapallas, dark colored hootchies and live bait have all caughtnumbers of fish with the larger fish coming on live bait or off ofboats flying a kite. I did hear of some nice big fish still beingcaught at the Gordo Banks, but still not any large numbers, just theoccasional nice cow sized fish.

DORADO: I heard that the Dorado bite off ofSan Jose was really good this week as there were plenty of fish foundthat ranged from 15 to 25 pounds. Combine that with the few Cow Tunaand the “Black Marlin” bite and that may have been the place togo. Too bad it's at least 1 ½ hours up there for most of the boats,otherwise more would go to check it out. Closer to home the Doradohave been spread out with most of the fish found just off the beachon the Pacific side, out to about 2 miles. Quite a few boats weregetting limits, but most of them were getting at least three or fournice sized fish. Slow trolling live bait was still the best method,with doing so under working Frigate Birds being the most productive. There were plenty of fish in the 10 to 15 pound class with a few fishapproaching 30 pounds in the boats as well.
WAHOO: The Wahoo bite was very good thisweek, at least in the San Jose area. Part of that could be due tothe number of boats working the shoreline for Dorado and “BlackMarlin”, after all, that's the Wahoo's preferred area. There werefewer fish caught in our area, but there were some nice ones broughtin as we went through the full moon phase on Friday. Rapallas andMarauders in dark colors worked well and if you had a bit of a wiretrace on your live bait you stood a chance of bringing in one aswell, just less of a chance of getting Marlin or Dorado.
INSHORE: I did not hear of anyone workingthe shoreline this week as the fishing for everything else was sogood and the inshore fishing just so-so, but there were a few smallerRoosterfish and a few Sierra showing up. At this rate we should beseeing many more of these toothy little fish soon, and hopefully moreYellowtail as well.
FISH RECIPE: Check the blog for this monthsrecipe!
NOTES: One of the reasons the fishing out ofSan Jose may be so good is the heavy winds up on the East Cape, thestrong currents produced and the cold, green water. All of thesecombined may be pushing the fish that were there down toward us, andSan Jose is the first concentration of anglers they get too. If thatis the case, and the trend continues, we may be seeing a lot morefish in our area as well soon! Meanwhile, have a happy new year! Until next year, tight lines!

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