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Mead 29 Dec 2012

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Mead 29 Dec 2012
Yup it is officially winter... Bass fishing is sucking. I worked my tail off today for 12 large mouths. 11 of them were 12-13 inchers with one 3.5 pounder. Tried to chase the Stripers some and they were hiding too. Only got 4 dinks. Plus, of all things, a catfish on a Strike King 6XD crank.

The numbers doesn't make it sound like the lake is going up much but 2 feet or so since the last time I was out (2 weeks ago) and the lake was a foreign body of water to me today. What a difference.

My new rod and reel that I got for X-Mas (another post) is totally my new favorite set-up. Anyone looking for a new rod look no further than Dobyns DX series and for the money the Abu Garcia STX Gen 3 I got just plane rocks. I can cast so much further than my other worm rod/reel (G.Loomis GL2/Quantum Smoke reel) with the exact same set-up and the senstivity is just silly good. No comparison between the two set-ups. Night and day.
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Re: [wolfs4evr] Mead 29 Dec 2012 In reply to
I'm a Dobyns fan also. That 7'3" casting rod is my go to tool for jigs and heavier shaky heads.
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Re: [reellittlephish] Mead 29 Dec 2012 In reply to
This is my 4th. First in the Extreme series (DX 743C SH). 2 crankbait rods (704CB/705CB) in the Champion series (not available in the Extreme series) and a medlight Champion drop shot rod (702SF). After this one outing with the Extreme kinda wondering what the Extreme series of that drop shot rod would of been like... I really like this one but only guessing the Extreme has to be all that much more. Maybe one day sell it and try the Extreme. Never know.

One has gotta love their warranty... No matter how it broke $60 bucks and a new one is on the way. Unless it was a manufactures error then free of course. With kids in the boat that works for me. Madi has been really good but did step on one rod in the last year and broke it. Luckily it was a BPS rod and that breakage ended up with a better/higher quality rod replacement at BPS Wink
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