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Scale question......

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Scale question......
......I want to purchase a scale that I can have certified by the state so I can weigh citation sized fish. if i am lucky enough to catch any and release them. Have no way to keep them alive during a trip to a certified scale anyway.

Could someone with experience with scales recommend one to me please. $100 max. 50# -.

Thank you.Fishin'
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Re: [wvtomd] Scale question...... In reply to
You can certify just about any scale through the IGFA. Below are some exerpts from thier page reagding scales, and the linjk to thier page is at the bottom of this post:

What scales can IGFA certify for a potential record catch? IGFA can examine scales up to a 100 lb capacity. Scales that weigh in excess of 100 lbs should be examined by your local state agency or a company that is licensed and accredited to certify and calibrate scales.

How does IGFA certify a scale? Each scale is tested for accuracy by using certified, traceable weights. IGFA policy dictates that scales may not be off by more than one increment or one half pound, whichever is less. For example, a 15 lb hand scale that weighs in 4 oz increments may not be off by more than 4 oz. In addition, digital scales are also tested by placing weight in the mid range of the maximum load of the scale for a total of three placements. With each placement, the scale must read the same or the scale will not be approved due to being inconsistent.

What scales can IGFA recommend? IGFA does not recommend any particular brand of scale. Each year, IGFA records the top ten scales that have weighed the most records during the last 12 months. This information is published in IGFA’s annual World Record Game Fishes record book. Individuals who are fishing for potential world records with the intention of releasing the catch should use a quality hand held portable scale. When using this type of scale the catch can be weighed off a body of water and then released. Junior anglers can weigh their catch in the boat and then release unless they intend to apply for a line class/fly rod or all tackle record as well.

Should I buy a scale that weighs to the maximum of 100 lbs? Anglers that are fishing for record fish should understand that the increments the scales read in will have an impact on the final weight of the catch.

If you are fishing for a trout that may weigh 10 lbs and use a scale that reads in 1 lb increments, you have the potential to lose up to 11 oz of weight. Considering records weighing less than 25 lb can be broken by a total of two ounces, the best options for the angler would be to use a scale that reads in 1 or 2 ounce increments.



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Mike H
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Re: [theangler] Scale question...... In reply to
thank you for the info! site saved. i do not have the book mentioned in the 3rd paragraph though and that is the info i need.

wv has a citation program

it requires that the scale used to weigh the catch be certified by the state of wvFrown. trusted brands?

would love to catch a fish worthy of a IGFA record somedayFishin'