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hello to all members

fishing fishing
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hello to all members
Hello to all members. I just recently sign up and I wont to tell a little about myself. Everybody calls me catfish you say why do they call me this well because I love to catch catfish and eat them to. I think I eat to much if you ask me lol. I also love to eat bluegills, crappies and perch but not so much as catfish. I love to fish for catfish,crappies, bluegills, perch. I'm thinking about trying for bass. I love to fish every chance I get if I'm not on the water then I'm in a magazine reading or on online watching fishing. My favorite fish to catch is catfish and crappies. I love the way they put up a fight. Well I hope you like my post and good fishing to you.
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Re: [catfish27] hello to all members In reply to
Fishin'catfish are cool!
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Re: [catfish27] hello to all members In reply to
Welcome aboard Catfish!


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