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Caples Lake Ice Fishing California...

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Caples Lake Ice Fishing California Video Report
Went up to Tahoe last weekend and did some Ice fishing on Sunday. This was my first time every ice fishing in California. I picked a spot by the spillway, but wasn't marking many fish on the Marcum and no bites. A couple of guys came out and said I should try in closer like they were. I started to catch them like crazy after that. Caught three rainbows on a gold kastmaster with meal worm and 7 on the Jaw Jacker with a small jig and tiny piece of worm. They were really going after that set up. The guys who told me to try by them missed a few and caught one. Said they caught 11 the weekend before between 4 guys. Seemed like I was the only one with the hot bite on though this weekend.
So if you're heading up there try by the spillway and very close to shore, about 5-10 feet deep.
Check out the video for some ice fishing action.

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Re: [Calicanuck] Caples Lake Ice Fishing California Video Report In reply to
fishing by spill ways is not a safe idea. any time there is moving water you need to take extra precoutions.

glad you got in to them. thanks for the report.

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