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Winchendon Newbie, well sorta.....

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Winchendon Newbie, well sorta.....
I just moved here from NC about 17 months ago and the fishing here is totally different. As an example, the catfish here get no bigger than bait size - bummer. Love big cats, but in it's place I've found some fun in catching pickeral which we did't have. The area I'm living in now has Lake Dennison, Whitney Pond, and a few other places around such as Dunn's Pond. I've been to the Quabbin and I loved it. So here's my question...Where is the fishing best? What bait? Presentation? I did catch a real nice slab that my son is pictured with here but most of the other fish have been pretty small. I have caught a few nice size pickeral. I really don't know what size is the actual good size!Any thoughts???