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New to Mass

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New to Mass
Hello all!

I hope you don't mind one more angler in your state because I will be in Mass for the summer. I have a few questions for around here and was wondering if any of you would answer a few for me. Keep in mind I will be shore fishing the whole time. Also I will be doing a summer job of installing security systems, so I will be around everywhere and while I am not installing, I plan on fishing nearby.

1. First and foremost: I know that there are Bass around here, but what else does everyone usually fish for?

2. There are ponds everywhere out here, are they generally open to public? How can I tell if they are private, or if I'm not allowed to fish there?

3. What is the most convenient way to get an out of state license? I know in Utah where I'm from, you can get one pretty much anywhere that sales outdoor supplies, but I don't want to assume anything.

Thanks for all your help, I look forward to hearing about your great fishing stories.