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Wisconsin Musky Clubs Alliance Donates ...

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Wisconsin Musky Clubs Alliance Donates Nearly $30K to Raise Muskies
WAUSAU - Anglers who fish for musky and local economies will benefit from nearly $30,000 donated by Musky Clubs Alliance of Wisconsin to help raise the famed fighters at state fish hatcheries.

The alliance and member clubs recently donated $21,000 to help buy forage to allow some of the muskies raised at state hatcheries to remain there longer and grow larger than what the state budget would allow. Stocking the fish at the larger size has been shown to help improve their survival.

Earlier in the year, the alliance donated $7,710 to pay for new aeration lines for the Department of Natural Resource's Art Oehmcke State Fish Hatchery at Woodruff.

The Natural Resources Board formally accepted the larger gift at its June meeting last week in Wausau. Agency Secretary Cathy Stepp thanked the alliance for its generous donations and its longstanding commitment to the protection and improvement of Wisconsin's muskellunge fishery.

Larry Slagowski, Don Gilbert and Chuck Brod represented the alliance at the board meeting. Slagowski spoke on behalf of the group and said the alliance was pleased to donate the $21,000 for extend growth muskies this year, and to step up to help DNR by raising the $7,710 to help cover the cost of new aeration lines.

The clubs raise money through running a catch-and-release musky fishing tournament in Eagle River every year that draws more than 1,000 people.

"We enjoy doing this," Slagowksi says. "We want to see musky fishing keep growing. We need muskies in the water because I tell you, it brings a lot of people to the state."

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Steve Hewett, 608-267-7501; Tim Simonson, 608-266-5222