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"I don't want to end up getting my...

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"I don't want to end up getting my halibut at Costco."
The National Marine Fisheries Service is taking public comment until Aug. 12 on the proposed halibut catch sharing plan.

The catch sharing plan means charter anglers "will have their halibut taken away and then offered back to them, for rent."

The plan is designed to reallocate what might have been your second sport-caught halibut to the commercial sector. Under this plan, the "guided angler" must buy the right to catch a second halibut from the commercial fishery.

This is not a conservation plan, as the fishery council claims. Instead it's a grab by commercial interests for more of the available fish. Geez, they take 90 percent of the allocation already.

PLEASE!!!! Take the time to comment, Just a short note that you DO NOT support the Catch Share Plan can make the difference. So many of the rules passed stealing your Halibut have been sanctioned by comments of the public hasn't objected, they must feel it is alright. Please click on or copy and paste the URL Link below in your browser and submit your comment today and then share this with your friends and ask them to do the same.!submitC...2011-0180-2207