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Carp or White Sucker?

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Carp or White Sucker?
I am fishing in western Maryland in non-tidal waters (streams). I caught one of these fish a few weeks ago (a little bigger then the attached picture) and my son caught this fish 3 days ago.
At the time I caught it I looked online to find out what kind of fish it was and I came to the conculsion that it was a White Sucker or a Carp.
I am confused because it looks like a carp but without the whiskers.
But I am also confused because the suckers I have caught also have that odd looking, rounded mouth that points down.
Can anyone help?
image/jpeg WP_001946.jpg (699 KB)
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Re: [BiggJohn] Carp or White Sucker? In reply to
Looks like a sucker to me.