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Whatcha got deer eye! Hookups &...

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Whatcha got deer eye! Hookups & heartbreaks!
Unknown to me Mac seems to have made this post happen.....finally! Back in June I was offered a free trip with a group of guys to Sydney Lake Lodge. I jumped on the opportunity without a second thought.

I came back a week later with a ton of video footage, some great memories, new friends, and a couple dream haunting misses. Upon my return I sat down to make the video of the trip and nothing was going right. My old laptop just didn't want to cooperate. So I put the project away for a while and started looking into getting a MacBook. Well....between getting married and all that goes into that, I decided it would be smart to hold off on such an expensive machine until after the wedding.

Last week I went to turn on my laptop and the hard-drive failed. OK, alright....fine! I finally manned up and bought the Mac. So with no further ado and only 12 hours of editing I give you...the Canada video! I will preface this by saying this is my first video on a new operating system and totally foreign software so learning curves all the way around.

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Re: [TheWoz] Whatcha got deer eye! Hookups & heartbreaks! In reply to
All the obstacles were worth it! Epic video! I watch a lot of fishing videos, and yours is one of the few I watched in its entirety to the end. Great job making the viewer feel part of the trip, also loved watching that Pike get off in the net and swim to freedom. Keep up the good work and mail some of those grips to AZ! Angelic
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Re: [AFFamily] Whatcha got deer eye! Hookups & heartbreaks! In reply to
Thanks AFF I really appreciate that. Those two northerns would probably have been new PB's for me! guess I'll have to get back out there and have another try!

Those grips are handy for sure!