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Does the law support your rights to...

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Does the law support your rights to recreate on rivers?
Happy Holidays!

Hope things are warmer where you are, here in Colorado we are being hit with snow and very cold temperatures! Hope the info below warms your spirits Smile

We are excited to announce a free sample of the book, Public Rights on Rivers: Canoeing, kayaking, rafting, fishing, and fowling rights, river conservation and water rights, is now available for download. See the attached pdf, or go to The book sample is 23 pages long, and discusses the following:

-The table of contents and the types of questions the book answers
-Ancient uses of rivers
-River law in ancient times
-River uses in North America
-River law in ancient North America
-River uses in colonial America
-The founding principles of American river law
-River uses in the early 1800s
-The development of river law in the early 1800s

The sample helps outline the progression of river uses and law through history, and sets the stage for Supreme Court cases and rulings that follow. The rest of the book focuses on the application of the law, including basic principles of water and river law, which rivers are navigable for which purposes, public recreation rights on rivers, and the role of state law.

We hope you benefit greatly from this information. The good news is: your rights to fish, paddle, and walk along the banks of navigable rivers has been confirmed repeatedly by the highest law in the land, the Supreme Court and Congress. Thanks for supporting the cause for rivers to be "forever free." Enjoy, Happy Holidays!


Team NOR
Rivers shall be "forever free."