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New York Workshop on Catch-and-Release ...

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New York Workshop on Catch-and-Release Handling
At the Sport Fishing Education Center, PO Box 373, Ocean Parkway, Babylon, NY 11702

Phone: 631-587-2873

The Port Meeting will help you conserve our marine fisheries by discussing best handling practices for releasing fish and demonstrating how anglers on other coasts are improving survival of angler released fish.

You will be able to share your ideas on how to best handle the fish you intend to release with fisheries managers and scientists. You will also learn about the latest techniques, such as re-compression devices, that may improve the survival of the deep water fish you release.

The Port Meeting will also demonstrate release methods and devices used on the west, south Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Some devices will be provided for examination. Several interesting videos will be shown about methods to reduce barotrauma effects on fish (These are effects on deep water fish caused by bringing them to the surface, including extended, gas filled eyes, bladder, and esophagus. These effects will not allow fish to swim back down when released at the surface and thus cause high release mortality.)

You will also be about to hear about the FishSmart and Best Practices programs which are angling community programs that foster the understanding and enhancement of fish release survival, promote careful release, and implement best release practices.

The meeting will be jointly hosted by NOAA Fisheries Service, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and Cornell Cooperative Extension.


The Sport Fishing Education Center is at Cedar Beach Marina in Babylon, NY, on Ocean Parkway, about 4 miles west of Robert Moses Causeway.

For further information contact:

Paul Perra

NOAA Fisheries



Antoinette Clemetson

SeaGrant Cornell Cooperative Extension

Phone 631 727-3910