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Vancouver Island Salmon & Halibut...

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Vancouver Island Salmon & Halibut Report
Wow been awhile since I posted a report. There is some worthy news that was just confirmed over the weekend by a few senior DFO science staff. They are predicting that the 2014 salmon fishing season will be the best we have seen in our lifetimes. That is some prediction considering I've experienced some awesome fishing seasons in my time.
Lets start with Chinook salmon. (Kings) The west coast of Vancouver Island is seeing some huge increases in both spawning adults and juveniles heading to sea. In 2013 the ratio of 3 year old returning jacks (which is usually around 10%) made up 50% of the runs. This is important when predicting the following years run strength because 90% of these fish return as 4 year old fish. This means that the brood year that will return next year has done very well and will likely be large in numbers.
The news for Sockeye salmon (reds) is even better. In 2010 there was a record 34 million fish return to the Fraser River, when they predicted about 11 million would return. These are 4 year cycle fish, 2 years in fresh and 2 years in the ocean. They observed record numbers of sockeye juveniles exiting the Fraser River 2 years ago. This summer is when the offspring return to spawn. This years prediction is for a low of 22 million and a 90% likelihood for 76 million!!!! Those are huge numbers and will mean quick and easy limit catches of these prime chrome 6 to 12 pound fish. Many of you will already know that sockeye are considered the best eating salmon.
The fall coho salmon (silvers) fishing has been fantastic the past 3 years with local streams exceeding traditional spawning escapements. This is also predicted to continue. There has been a lot of efforts made at bringing these particular fish back by small community based volunteer groups and it is working, big time!
Halibut fishing opened February 1st this year and we are just now coming into the peak halibut fishing season for my area now. (March - May) Most of the serious halibut fishing here is done just before the large summer Chinook salmon start arriving in late May.
So it appears that if you have ever considered a first time or repeat fishing trip up to British Columbia....this is probably the year you you say "Get er done"!!
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