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Coast Guard and Partner Agencies...

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Coast Guard and Partner Agencies Respond to Ferry Incident in Manhattan
NEW YORK- The Coast Guard is responding to a collision that occurred at the Pier 11 ferry terminal in Manhattan, N.Y. Fifty-seven injuries have been reported after the ferry Seastreak collided with the pier at 8:45 a.m.

Two rescue boat crews from Coast Guard Station New York, along with FDNY and NYPD are responding to the scene.

An investigation team from Coast Guard Sector New York is also responding. Drug and alcohol testing is being conducted in accordance with federal regulation. There have been no reports of pollution or flooding as a result of the incident.

The Coast Guard investigation of the incident is in its initial stages. Investigations require interviews, technical analyses, ship and hull inspections, a review of all records, and a number of other items. Investigations typically require several months to complete and are shared with partners including the NTSB and and other investigatory bodies.

On-scene weather at the time of incident was reported as five-knot winds with water temperature at 43 degrees F. The seastate was calm with wave height at less than one foot.