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Vancouver Island Salmon & Halibut...

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Vancouver Island Salmon & Halibut Report
Fishing has cranked up a notch with some good numbers and larger sized Chinook salmon being taken the past few days. Our local resident Killer Whales (92 of them) are making frequent passes through the fishing areas as well which proves there are lots of fish around, but they do scare the heck out of the fish and put them off the bite too. (residents Killer Whales are salmon feeders exclusively) So the only good time to see them is at the end of your day on the way home. I just read a post from a commercial salmon fisherman who is in contact with the Alaska commercial fleet. Reports from the Alaska salmon fleet is that hey are having the best season of Chinook catches ever and they are still on the fish which is unusual. Normally most of the fish have started their migration south to BC, Washington and Oregon by now. They are telling the local fishermen to get ready for huge numbers and a long season. The report was that there are also lots of larger fish well over 40 pounds in the runs. When these fish show up along with the predicted record run of Fraser River Sockeye(up to 75 million fish) the fishing is going to be as predicted: "fishing of a lifetime!" I hope some of you can make it up here to experience it as this only happens once in a lifetime, maybe!! Here are a few pics of the last couple of days.



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