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Have you ever seen this fish?

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Have you ever seen this fish?
Has anyone ever heard of or fished for Taimen? I came across this film today where some guys were fly fishing deep in the wilderness in Russia for them and after doing a little research, I was amazed.

They can get up to 6 ft long. I couldn't imagine battling them on a fly. I read that they are called River Wolves because they are so predatory.

I would be interested to hear about your experiences with these fish if you have any. Here is the film I saw in case you want to check it out.
image/png Taimen.PNG (964 KB)
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Re: [jtownsend86] Have you ever seen this fish? In reply to
Taimen are an awesome fish. I have had the chance to fish for them on 2 occasions. I love the fight as well as the elusiveness of this cousin of the Trout and Salmon.

Catching them on a rod and reel is not as hard as one would think providing that you have the right equipment and enticement for them. I prefer my 11 wt flyrod and some of my custom long streamer flies.

They few fish that I did catch were barely in the 70 to 80lb range. They put up an awesome fight and are carefully returned to grow up to live another day. Cool

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