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monte carlo 1/17/04

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monte carlo 1/17/04
fishing was slow and we didnt even bother to get bait. we hadn't caught fish on bait for weeks.... we just used stripped squid, whole squid, and the live stuff that we got from the city of long beach.

early in the morning, i was fishing my 8# setup with a leadhead and whole squid and nail a big 2-3 pound sculpin! couldnt keep that. dropped down again. hung i nice legal ling! couldnt keep that. again... caught a big red... couldnt keep that! GEEZ!

we moved to a different spot on the shoe. the conditions werent that good, so we moved off the spot this is when i get a TAP TAP TAP... on my lead head and squid. tap tap tap!

i swing on this mystery-fish and it just feels like im bringin up a kelp stringer. then i get some head shakes. we all thought i was bringing up a bass in the kelp. we look down and see a halibut coming up... the other deckhand runs and gets that gaff and i've got a halibut onboard that tipped the scales at 13.47 pounds! thats my personal best. not much of a halibut fishermen either.

in the afternoon, we get into a decent bass bite with the live/freshdead squid. all were quality fish. one guy scored an 8 pound calico! nice bass. kept it in the tank for JP and then released it after he won. good job zac.

i got about a 5 pound sandy and so did a couple of other guys.

the picture of the halibut is on a camera that is in the wheel house. who knows when i'll get that picture. but one of the guys in the office is going to blow up the picture for me...

oh yea.....we absolutely slayed the perch! fun if your fishing for them, but if your fishing bass and all you feel is those annoying little things..your patience starts to run low!

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Re: [DH_tubinjoe] monte carlo 1/17/04 In reply to
Hey there DH_tubinjoe,

Outstanding.. just outstanding report. This is an excellent example of a boat having a good day duirng a not so good season.

Congrats on that halibut. I wasn't home to pick up the filets anyway so, you can catch me next time. Oh ya... if it ain't 20lbs + don't bother! ha ha ha

The squid has really done well and strangely enough its the leadhead rig or nothin'!

I'm going to go leadhead with a fluorocarbon 15lb leader next trip!

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Re: [JapanRon] monte carlo 1/17/04 In reply to

Is it just me or is everyone of his sandbass '5lbs'?? Joe, Even my PINHEAD can catch one 5lbs, that doesn't take much skill. hahahaha. I bet I could still own you in calico fishing! I caught more of those today local than the Tide Change did total at CAT today! Todays count: 9anglers, 65 bass, 1 halibut, 50 black smith, 30 blue perch. Aarons count: 4 sand bass biggest at a little under 4lbs, 9 calicos *legal* and x amount short!

and who knows how many perch!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a long way to go still to catch a 23lbr like me at CAT last year, but 12bs isn't that bad...

Aaron G
FISHERMEN are the real ENDANGERED species!

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Re: [dh_tubinaaron] monte carlo 1/17/04 In reply to
no no no....13.47lbs! haha... man! i want some seabass!!! chris oakes just caught a 35 pounder yesterday on the backside with his buddy!