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Ice Safty

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Ice Safty
time to get back up on my soap box,

If you havent heard we had a double drowning this past monday.

In ice fishing buddy and his 4 year old son went down in Alderman Lake....

the news showed an arial veiw of where he went down..

where they went down is something I have never discussed here before,

As I have posted many times before there is no such thing as safe ice. That being said, there is Ice that is just plain dangerous 27-7 any day of the winter regardless to how thich the ice may be.

When you have lakes that have cat tails and reeds sticking up the ice never freezes over properly. in addition where there is black muck under the ice it combindes a double deadly combination. If you get that black silt in your lungs when you go done your done.

This is what happend, though they were revived after being under for 20 minuts, the black silt took its tole. theyr final passing was just a couple hours appart form each other.

So remember Stay away from reeds cat tails and black mucky areas of the lakes.

It would seem like common sence to walk closer to shore especialy when wormer temps come as thay have here this past week in michigan, It couldnt have been a worse choice

If the Lord's willing, You'll be Blessed.
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Re: [davetclown] Ice Safty In reply to
The same goes for moving waters , like rivers and man made lakes that were made from rivers .
I myself have gone through a few times, totally under once . One time on Lake Erie I had a 2 mile walk back to the car and left all my gear where it sat .
This is the time of year we start seeing the snowmobiles going through the ice also , some people will never learn .

Nature is better with butter .