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Tips for avoiding mosquito bites

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Tips for avoiding mosquito bites
Here are several tips from the CDC and the scientists at BugBand on how to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes, especially the Aedes aegypti and Andes albopictus species making world headline coverage for spreading of the Zika virus as well as the West Nile, dengue and other viral diseases:

• When mosquitoes are most active wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, socks and shoes.

• Apply long proven naturally derived repellents, like those from BugBand, to exposed skin and/or clothing (as directed on the product labels).

• In university studies of naturally derived Geraniol, products were tested on humans. 20% Geraniol was found to be the best quality formula to repel biting mosquitoes. It was also dermatology tested and hypoallergenic approved

• Provide mosquito netting over infant carriers, cribs and strollers.

• Repair or install window and door screens to keep mosquitoes out.

• Take steps to prevent their breeding by removing standing water from containers close to dwellings such as flower pots and plates under them, discarded tires, buckets, cans, ornamental fountains, clogged rain gutters, pet’s water bowls, birdbaths, etc.