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Boat seat question

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Boat seat question
Here is my problem. People who ride in my fishing boat like to lean back on the chair so far that it bends the tabs on the seats. I am looking for some fold down seats that will with stand these people who like to lean way back. I have wise seats now. I would like them to fold down but I will take any suggestions. What are some good seats to buy and what type of hinges should I look at HELP PLEASE BEFORE THE SEAT CRACKS AND BREAKS
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Re: [boatfisher] Boat seat question In reply to
I usually get my stuff from Overtons or West Marine. I have jump seats and lounge seats on my boats.

Because of the speed of my boats, I generally don't use the reclining type of seats. My jump seats have the ability to fold forward but not recline backwards. My lounge seats can extend out and become an extra bed but I rarely use it for that since I have a 3 man cubby on my 27 footer.

You may be able to find the hinges you are looking for in the aforementioned places. Cool

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Re: [tubeN2] Boat seat question In reply to
Thanks for the info I will check
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Them out

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