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TD Might be time for upgrade.

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TD Might be time for upgrade.
There is a bigger size as well titled the Detonator.

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Re: [flygoddess] TD Might be time for upgrade. In reply to
That's a nice looking craft. I could almost take that one out in the ocean too. Fish On

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Re: [flygoddess] TD Might be time for upgrade. In reply to
Nay. Got mine just the way I want it. Got the motor, no oars, and I can move it around just fine with fins. Also, I ain't nimble enough to try to stand up on that thing. Don't wave a fairy wand so no need to.

I also noticed that he has the seat pushed to the furthest back position. That would wipe out the spot for my battery. Interesting concept on the raised seat though.

Also noticed he was using an upgrade set of oars. The ones that come with the craft are wimpy. And no way could I use the footbar in that position, and row. My knees would be up under my chin. Tough to row like that. He kept his legs down in the water while rowing. Why even have a footbar. I don't.

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Re: [TubeDude] TD Might be time for upgrade. In reply to
I rest my legs on all foot bars as my legs too long. As for oars, all I use are his flimsy ones. I have the Sawyers for the 14'er, but I already had those. Stock oars work, great for us, but as you say, foot bar too short. We have also used a nylon strap like a tie down for a foot bar. worked great on the rivers.
That drop stitched floor is solid. I can stand on mine with carbide cleats in my boots. The Skeg really helps in wind too.
The plastic seat would be a plus too, it sure was on my Fuzion.
BUT, it will weigh more because of this, so I am more interested in the ultra lights he has. The predator is nice, but the carbon is even lighter.
Plus I like how small they roll up. I can take them on my bike.

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