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Ketchikan or Bust

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Ketchikan or Bust
Anyone have any info or tips for coho/king fishing in Ketchikan? Anything at all would help, thanks. . . .

teeth The true definition of CATCH & RELEASE from a reel fisherman: "CATCH that damn fish, cook em' up for dinner, then RELEASE its remains into the holy waters of a porcelain god for immediate reincarnation!" - If this is NOT your definition of catch & release, unfortunately you are no longer a fisherman. . . . You have been hereby demoted to the rank of Angly Sportsman. Sly
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Re: [FishnFanatic666] Ketchikan or Bust In reply to
I was up their in August for Silvers, Halibut, shrimp, and crab. We were out of Ketchikan to the east by float plane 45 min. It was the best experience I have ever had. We brought back 150 lbs of fish.

We went to Hidden Inlet fish camp. Very nice place and we got a break on price because my wife's cousin owns part of it. I think they are looking to sell this year so don't know what changes will take place. If you're interested they have and internet page with info.

I don't know to much about the fishing times but it seems the Kings run first in May. August is the silver run. Like I said earlier I would certainly like to go back and surprisingly my wife even enjoyed the fishing.

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Re: [fallsfish] Ketchikan or Bust In reply to
I'm checking out the Hidden Inlet fish camp as we speak. Thanks Jim!