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There are 479 Fishing Guides & Charters for you to choose from!

Fishing Charters and Guides:

International Fishing Guides (73)
Features Non U.S.A. Fishing Charter and Guides from around the world. Including fishing guides from Africa, Asia, Atlantic, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Mexico, Pacific & South America. Plan your next International fishing trip.
Alabama Fishing Guides (10)
The fishing enthusiast will find freshwater as well as saltwater fishing in Alabama. Lakes, rivers, streams, & ocean are home to bass, crappie, catfish, walleye, rainbow trout, king mackerel, amberjack, cobia, flounder, bluefish, tuna to name a few!
Alaska Fishing Guides (30)
Alaska Fishing is the angler's dream come true with world class fresh and saltwater fishing. Alaska's oceans, rivers, and lakes offer potentially record breaking Salmon, Rainbow Trout, beautiful Arctic Char, barn door Halibut and more, year round.
Arizona Fishing Guides (7)
Whether you prefer lakes, streams, creeks or urban fishing, Arizona offers a year-long season and a wide variety of sport fish species. Over 27 species commonly sought by Arizona anglers, 8 are cold water fish, and 19 are warm water species.
Arkansas Fishing Guides (5)
Arkansas offers anglers more than 600,000 acres of lakes & 9,700 miles of rivers & streams. Fantastic bass, crappie, bream, catfishing and some of the nation's best trout streams. With 3 current world records your in for great some great fishing.
California Fishing Guides (11)
California waters offer everything from world class offshore fishing to fly fishing in high Sierra mountain streams & everything in between. Big game fishing, river float fishing, mountain lakes, freshwater, & saltwater. California has it all.
Colorado Fishing Guides (2)
Attracting over 1 million anglers a year Colorado is no doubt a great place to go fishing. Over 80 species of both warm- and cold-water fish & over 6,000 miles of streams & more than 2,000 lakes & reservoirs to choose from.
Connecticut Fishing Guides (4)
Connecticut offers over 180 public lakes, ponds & thousands of miles of rivers & streams for freshwater anglers. For saltwater fishing it offers year round fishing that few places can rival. With over 100 species of fish found in Long Island Sound.
Delaware Fishing Guides (7)
Some of the best fishing in the Mid-Atlantic States is in Delaware. Abundant fishing areas in the state including streams, marshes, swamps, ponds & coastal ocean waters. Striped bass, weakfish, and flounder, sea bass, tautog, & other species
District Of Columbia (0)
Fishing in the District of Columbia is limited, but offers quality large mouth bass, crappie, panfish and catfish fishing to name a few. The Potomac River, its tributaries and Rock Creek make up some great fishing opportunities.
Florida Fishing Guides (62)
A place where and you're never more than a few minutes from water, where you can catch a hundred pound tarpon in the morning, a sailfish in the afternoon and a six pound bass as the sun sets. Fishing in Florida is easy, exciting and fun.
Georgia Fishing Guides (15)
From pristine trout streams winding their way through the state parks, to bass fishing on one of the state's reservoirs, to casting a line in pursuit of redfish on Georgia's coast, Georgia has plenty to offer both the beginning & experienced angler.
Hawaii Fishing Guides (7)
Hawaii offers world class salt and freshwater fishing. There is year round fishing for a variety of fish in Hawaii. These include: Blue Marlin (Au), Striped Marlin, Shortbill Marlin, Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Yellowfin and many, many more...
Idaho Fishing Guides (5)
Idaho is famous for its fishing. More than 10 world-class trout streams, including the Henrys Fork, Silver Creek and the St. Joe River, are scattered throughout the state. Idaho contains more than 1,500 high mountain lakes with great fishing.
Illinois Fishing Guides (9)
Illinois' anglers quality fishing across the state. Some of the best fishing can be found in our Illinois' million and a half acres of water that varies from the deep, blue waters of Lake Michigan, to great rivers, and smaller lakes and ponds.
Indiana Fishing Guides (6)
Indiana has more than 21,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers, more than 450 natural lakes and nearly 600 impoundments and features great fishing for largemouth bass, walleye, bluegill and catfish to name a few.
Iowa Fishing Guides (2)
From the border rivers of the Mississippi to the Missouri, through farmponds, natural & man-made lakes, and interior rivers & streams, a rich fish fauna provides nearly every angler with the chance for an enjoyable outing. 148 different fish species.
Kansas Fishing Guides (1)
Kansas offers some of the best channel, flathead, & blue catfishing to be found. There are 24 large reservoirs. The reservoirs range in size up to 16,000 surface acres. Fishing is the number one attraction, anglers have a variety to cast to.
Kentucky Fishing Guides (1)
Kentucky offers plenty of fishing for bass, crappie, stripers, catfish and many other fish species. There is fishing water everywhere in Kentucky including famous waterways like Kentucky Lake, Barren River Lake and Cumberland River.
Louisiana Fishing Guides (12)
Louisiana offers sportfishing on famous waterways like the Mississippi River Delta, The Gulf of Mexico and Lake Charles. Offering guides and charters for both fresh and saltwater trips Louisiana has some of the most fishing opportunities.
Maine Fishing Guides (5)
Maine fishing holds much in store for all levels of fishermen. Fishing guides and charters are readily available to go freshwater fishing on Maine's lakes, ponds and rivers. Fish along Maine's 3,500 miles of coast.
Maryland Fishing Guides (4)
Maryland is a small state with a diverse fishery. Fishing guides and charters are available for Atlantic coast gamefish, mountain trout streams. Stripped bass and majestic trout streams make Maryland a favorite place to fish.
Massachusetts Fishing Guides (9)
Massachusetts fishing can be enjoyed all through the year. A collection of old style fishing, harbors, rivers, lakes and great offshore fishing. Massachusetts features striped bass, bluefish, lake trout,to name just a couple of the many fish species.
Michigan Fishing Guides (10)
Michigan offers over 900 charter boats to choose from. Michigan offers some of the finest freshwater fishing in the world, with more than 3,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline, over 11,037 inland lakes & 36,350 miles of rivers & streams.
Minnesota Fishing Guides (3)
Minnesota is first nationally in the sales of fishing licenses per capita.It hosts 158 sport fishing species over 3,800,000 acres of fishable water ways, 5,493 fishable lakes, 15,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers. It's a place for every angler
Mississippi Fishing Guides (6)
Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Mississippi. With more than 175 species of freshwater fish, deep-sea fishing, estuaries, marshes, and the Gulf of Mexico. It has a vast array of deep-sea charters and freshwater guides.
Missouri Fishing Guides (6)
Missouri has over a million acres of water, and most of it provides great fishing. From cold-water fly fishing for trout to trot-lining for monster catfish on Missouri's Rivers, Missouri has it all. The waters hold ancient over 200 different species in all.
Montana Fishing Guides (4)
Take a journey with Montana Fishing Guides for Trout Fishing on the Bitterroot River, Clark Fork River, Missouri River, Blackfoot River, & Rock Creek. Fishing the pristine Montana rivers & casting to rising Montana trout is a worthwhile endeavor for a lasting experience.
Nebraska Fishing Guides (1)
For the ultimate fishing experience, take a Nebraska Fishing Guide and fish for trout, salmon, walleye, stripers, & much more. Nebraska Guided fishing trips on Lake McConaughy & the Platte River are just some of the great trips offered.
Nevada Fishing Guides (1)
Nevada offers exclusive fishing adventures, from trout & salmon fishing in Lake Tahoe to bass, crappie, catfish & striper fishing in Lake Mead or Mohave. Nevada Fishing Guides are plentiful & provide an excellent advantage to catching fish.
New Hampshire Fishing Guides (3)
Enjoy the beautiful scenery & bass fishing outing on Lake Winnipesaukee or Squam Lake in New Hampshire. Catch trout, salmon, excellent smallmouth bass fishing as well as crappie & panfish with New Hampshire Fishing Guides.
New Jersey Fishing Guides (6)
New Jersey fishing guides offer fishing opportunities on rivers & streams for trout, smallmouth bass, muskellunge & more. Fish salwater New Jersey shore from Belmar, to Cape May, to Point Pleasant for striped bass, bluefish, fluke, shark, tuna, dolphin, & more.
New Mexico Fishing Guides (4)
Experience one of the greatest fishing adventures on Elephant Butte Lake. Visit the Land of Enchantment for fishing striped bass, trout, salmon, & more on NM's best fishing lake with a New Mexico Fishing Guide.
New York Fishing Guides (20)
Fishing in New York offers something for almost everyone, from salmon fishing on Lake Ontario, to fly fishing for steelhead on the Salmon River, or deep sea fishing from Montauk for mako shark. New York fishing guides are available statewide.
North Carolina Fishing Guides (12)
North Carolina fishing can yield a wide variety of species. The local area head boats and NC fishing charters throughout the state, for inshore or offshore fishing, offer guided fishing trips for just about any species you wish to target.
North Dakota Fishing Guides (2)
Fish North Dakota with a Fishing Guide. Catch catfish & walleye fishing at Red River & Devils Lake, enjoy ice fishing Devils Lake for jumbo perch, & visit Lake Sakakawea for Walleye & Sauger fishing in North Dakota.
Ohio Fishing Guides (11)
Whether you want to catch a trophy walleye, rainbow trout or a jumbo perch, fishing the heart of Lake Erie's central basin in Ohio is where you need to be. Fish the Walleye Capital of the World with the best Ohio Fishing Guides.
Oklahoma Fishing Guides (3)
Oklahoma has more man-made lakes (200) than any other state, with over one million surface-acres of water & 2,000 more miles of shoreline than the Atlantic & Gulf coasts combined! Fish for stripers, catfish, largemouth, smallmouth bass, trout, & more
Oregon Fishing Guides (9)
Oregon fishing guides provide the opportunity for awesome fishing experiences ranging from steelhead fishing in Deschutes River, drift boat fishing for spring chinook on the Cascade river to saltwater fishing for big halibut, tuna, or rock fish.
Pennsylvania Fishing Guides (10)
Pennsylvania Fishing Guides & Charters, Fly Fishing, Bass Fishing & More. Fish Trout Waters on more than 83,000 miles of streams & rivers, 4,000 inland lakes & ponds covering 160,000 acres, or the 470,000 acres of Lake Erie.
Rhode Island Fishing Guides (8)
Rhode Island the Ocean State, with over 400 miles of coastline. A famous destination for striper charters & big bass are pulled out of the waters surrounding this island every year. Fish the Narragansett shoreline for bass or Brenton Reef.
South Carolina Fishing Guides (18)
South Carolina Fishing Guides provide an exciting fishing adventure into inshore tidal waters or the thrill of deep sea sports fishing. The coasts of South Carolina offer world-class fishing at its best for deep sea sportfishing or freshwater fishing in lakes brimming with trophy catches.
South Dakota Fishing Guides (1)
Fish the some of the finest waters in South Dakota's mountain lakes & streams. Nearly 30 fish species provide anglers with a variety of fishing adventures, including walleye, salmon, bluegill, crappie, perch, bass, pike, trout & catfish.
Tennessee Fishing Guides (7)
Fishing in Percy Priest, Old Hickory, Center Hill, the Cumberland River, & more with Tennessee Fishing Guides. Fish the finest rivers & lakes of Tennessee for tailwater trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth, crappie, striper, catfish, and other species.
Texas Fishing Guides (16)
Texas Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing Guides. Fish the Gulf Coast with Bay & Offshore Fishing Charters or catch record bass on the lakes of north central Texas. Take a trip to Texas for great salt and freshwater fishing.
Utah Fishing Guides (6)
Utah is known for excellent trout fishing in high mountain lakes & streams, including trophy lake trout that weigh in at over 40 pounds, tiger muskie, striped bass, wipers, walleye, largemouth, smallmouth, white bass, crappie, & more. View Utah Fishing Guides here.
Vermont Fishing Guides (4)
Go fishing with the best, experienced Vermont Fishing Guides & discover the secret fishing holes to catch trout, bass, salmon, sunfish, pike, & more. Plan your next fishing trip with our list of Vermont Fishing Guides throughout the fishing regions of Vermont.
Virginia Fishing Guides (6)
Head to Virginia Beach for offshore sportfishing for big game fish or Hidden Valley for river fishing with our Virginia Fishing Guides Directory. Catch and enjoy bass & trout fishing at Lake Anna or Smith Mountain Lake with Virginia Fishing Guides.
Washington Fishing Guides (4)
Book your next fishing adventure with the top Washington Fishing Guides listed right here. Fish the Columbia River, the Snake River, or even the Pacific Ocean for bass, salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, & more with one of Washington's Guided Fishing Trips.
West Virginia Fishing Guides (2)
Get a chance to catch a world-class smallmouth bass at New River with our directory of West Virginia's Fishing Guides. Find some of the greatest bass & trout fishing at the beautiful rivers, lakes, & streams in the Mountain State, West Virginia.
Wisconsin Fishing Guides (7)
Enjoy a vacation at a resort or lodge in Wisconsin and experience the Wisconsin Fishing Guides for Walleye, Northern Pike, Salmon, Smallmouth Bass, & more! Plan your next fishing adventure with our complete list of the best Wisconsin Fishing Guides!
Wyoming Fishing Guides (2)
Fish the great rivers and lakes of Wyoming with the best fishing guides. Whether you're looking for a great fly fishing trip at Jackson Hole or a great change of scenery at Bighorn Canyon, find all the best Wyoming Fishing & Guided trips right here.