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Atlantic Halibut Fishing

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Fish: Atlantic Halibut
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Halibut 78" 275 lbs
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Atlantic Halibut Fishing Article

Understanding Halibut

Sometimes, not very often, but sometimes, the planets line up the seas lay down and the fish happen to share the same acre of water you’ve chosen to drop the anchor in. For those who’ve fished offshore Alaska more than a handful of times you know that these days can be magical, “red letter” days indeed for that almanac constantly being etched into your mind. What is it? The tide, the temperature, the moon? No, in all reality, it’s Karma. The fish gods are smiling. You’re living right. You’ve paid your dues and, you’ve also studied a little bit. This was one of those days. My ex-boss from a past life and his entire family had just flown...
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Atlantic Halibut Fish Species Information

Scientific Fish Name: Hippoglossus
Other Fish Species Names: flatfish, butt, flattie
Regions Fished: Native to temperate waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean, where it lives in coastal waters and on the continental shelf down to a depth of 2,000 meters.
World Record:
Common Tackle:
Additional Information:

One of the largest of flatfish, growing to maybe 4 meter in length and close to 500 kg in weight.

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